Human beings by nature are social animals. In my previous profession I found myself surrounded by the proclaimed A type personalities. I my self have never identified well with that spectrum. Though I tend to be outgoing and personable, I find the whole macho thing rather disconcerting. Following my separation from military service I found myself embedded in the cubicle office culture of the aerospace industry. Surrounding my three grey walls were the desks of aerospace engineers. Still, I enjoyed the silence, the NPR, and the jazz in the bathrooms I could not get over the extreme lack of social skills. Thus the B type personalities. I always figured that I had become more aggressive, assertive, and more masculine in my twenties due to father hood and war. I always assumed that I would eventually settle back into the more easy going passive self I was before. Apparently I am neither completely A or B, which like many things in life tends to be a bit more pragmatic.

In my new profession I find many similarities between myself and coworkers. There are those too aggressive and some a bit reserved, but all in all there seems to be a great balance. The other day I realized how much I appreciated saying good morning to people and actually have them return they greeting and make solid eye contact, a feat seldom accomplished in an office environment. Surrounded by people with solid social skills is new to me. There are still the few in lacking, and a few overly boisterous, but the ratio is far more acute than anywhere I’ve ever been.

This morning I came across this almost ten minute video that nearly made me late. As I have discussed with a friend of mine reading the news on the internet and sorting through rss feeds can have devastating effects on our work ethic specifically our timeliness that morning. This video made me appreciate all of the people I have ever worked with. The meek, the sheik, the geek, the lazy, the inept, and that douche bag that seems to reside in a portion of everyone’s lives, whether he be in sales your neighbor, or brother in law.

[via] Fist of Blog


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