A Tiger Cub’s Pinewood Derby Car

My son’s Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby race was last weekend. I thought it went very well. I always considered the Pine Wood Derby to be the pinnacle of Cub Scouting. This year my son wanted to build a police car. I showed him how to design and build his first car and he along with all the other boys had a lot of fun on race day. The tracks have come a long way since my first Pinewood Derby race in Aurora Colorado twenty-one years ago. The track instantly displayed the race results including place, time, and speed onto a projection screen. Later that night the results were posted on line among race times from around the region.

My son’s car had an average race time over 4 heats of 3.96 seconds and an average speed of 163.57 scale miles per hour.

At the Rent My Track website there is also an interesting history of the pinewood derby started in Manhattan Beach CA back in 1953.

Link: Rent My Track

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