A freelance writer who covers men’s issues including fatherhood, modern masculinity, leadership, veteran’s interests, society, cycling, and the outdoors. I am a regular guy with a strong sense of civic duty, who has spent seven years in the military and currently works for an urban police department in the Pacific Northwest.

Despite what all of the blogging self-helpers say I wirte because it’s cathartic.  Perhaps I should wirte for my audience more.  Maybe not.  Its a narcasistic balance.  I tend to write about the things that I am interested in, and that I think others would be too. I write about men’s interest; camping, cycling, motorcycles, money, technology, the environment, sustainability, and social norms. 


 When I got out of the military I was briefly a volunteer firefighter and a full time student.  I left one of those ideal  jobs in aerospace that everyone talks about getting when they get out of the Navy.  I turned down a $60,000 starting salary in southern California, and traded the cubicle lifestyle and stock options to actively pursue what I wanted to do in life.  The novelty of office etiquette and climbing the corporate ladder grew old very quickly.  I found cubicle dwellers rarely made eye contact or could hold conversations much more tangible than the weather or sports.  I’ve realized I am some what addicted to fast pace work environments, and having to make critical decisions quickly. I am a social engineer selling people on the idea of altering their behavior. We are a fascinating society.

two kids in school. fuel efficient sport utility vehicle. optional third row seating. a garage. benefits. war stories. pension plan. receding hairline. bald spot. podcasts. nightly news. still hate the way anchors talk to meteorologists. mutual funds. living will and testament. understanding insurance. pulling over to the right for lights and sirens. temporarily subsided half ass wine brewing in the garage and beer on top of the fridge. not so witty office banter. philosophical coffee shop talk. less television over the years and more books. kindle. biting my nails less and less. less coffee more tea. more than three pairs of shoes on the landing. saving money on utilities. burning wood. free magazine subscriptions. three library cards. overdue fines. three piles of books. google. twitter. rss feeds. macintosh updates. i still miss icq. flower pots converted to dynamic junk drawers. all of my friends have become acquaintances at best. living on an island in the Puget Sound encompasses everything I have ever loved and hated in life, and settling for nothing less. 


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